Community Services

How Can We Help? The Community Services Department Offices are located throughout the region. See below for details on each local office. Additionally, the Hartville office is located in the Hartville Courthouse and is open Fridays from 8-4:30, the Thayer office is located in the Oregon County Health Department and is open Mondays 9-3, the Mountain View office is in the Community Center and is open Tuesdays 9-4:30, and the Willow Springs office is located at the Senior Center and is open Thursdays 9-4:30.

First Priority is given to emergency situations. Solutions may be immediately available on site or other community resources are sought for the individual and their family. The staff's primary objective is to obtain the information needed during the initial intake visit to provide a comprehensive assessment that will connect families with resources to provide stability and to reduce barriers to their self-sufficiency. Referrals are then made to any of the services in which the family member has an identified need. Applications for rental assistance through HUD's section 8 program and Weatherization of homes can be completed, as well as initiation of job training services and referral to Head Start. WIA (Workforce Investment Act) can also work with youth on obtaining his/ her GED, going to college, and work readiness skills. Referrals are also made to any of the Community Services Department's own programs and to multiple other social services agencies in the community. You may view a copy of the Community Services Brochure by clicking on your local office listed below. This brochure will also provide you with a detailed description of the services available.

Open Monday-Thursday 8-4:30

(417) 683-5018

Located in the basement of Douglas County Courthouse.

Ava Office

Open Monday-Thursday 8-4:30.

(417) 256-6147

Located at 710 E. Main Street West Plains

West Plains Office

Open Monday-Thursday 8-4:30.

(417) 778-7470

Located in the basement of Oregon County Courthouse.

Alton Office

Open Monday-Thursday 8-4:30.

(417) 679-4559

Located at 107 E. Third St. Gainesville.

Gainesville Office

Open Monday-Thursday 8-4:30.

(417) 967-2036

Located at 16798 Oak Hill Dr. Suite 400 Houston.

Houston Office

Open Monday-Thursday 8-4:30.

(417) 926-5570

Located at 608 State St Mountain Grove.

Mountain Grove Office

Success Story

In April, a woman came in to the Alton Ozark Action office for assistance. She was sent to this office by her landlord. Her only source of income was her Social Security Disability check. She had ordered some things off the television and had given the company her banking account information. The company continued to charge her for the items she ordered. When she called about the over charges, they promised to reimburse her but it could take as much as 3 months. She was overdrawn in her banking account, at risk of having her electric turned off for nonpayment, and was behind on her rent. She was very stressed and had been off her medicines for a couple of months.

We started with signing her up for family support budgeting assistance. We completed the assessment in order to prioritize her needs. We were able to use some emergency funds in order to pay the electric bill. The landlord was contacted and payment plans were put into place in order to prevent her from being evicted. At the case manager’s suggestion, she went to the bank in order to stop the company from having access to her banking account. Our next step in her plan was to get her transportation back to the doctor in West Plains in order to get back on her medication. Then we set down with all of her bills and came up with a monthly budget plan; Ozark Action provided her with a notebook, a record keeper, and an ink pen in order to help her maintain her budget.

She met with her case manager the next four months prior to her social security check arriving to plan what her expenses for the month would be. The first few months she had to make some tough choices and do without some things, especially minutes on her track phone, until she got caught up on past due bills. The last two months, she was caught up, and only had current bills due. She has done an excellent job in recording all of her expenses and keeping her old, paid bills in her record keeper, and staying on budget. She has stayed on her meds and is using the state Medicaid transportation system to keep her doctor’s appointments.

This woman’s family support case is now closed. The last month that we meet, she came into the office, and had planned her budget for the new month without any assistance from me. The Family Support Program presented her with a $25.00 gift card as incentive for all of her hard work in meeting her goal and demonstrating she can sustain her own budget in the future.

Paula Miller was this individual’s Family Support Case Manager